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Shiningmu Mu Online Season 19

 Shiningmu Mu Online Season 19 Opening 18.April


Advertisment Spots 2$ a Day
AsgardMu S19P1-3 X50 NORESET Opening 26.APRIL
MUPeace S19p1-3 X5000 5.April
ShiningMu S19P1-3 X50 18.April S19P1-3 X1000 Opening 9.February
MUPeace S19p1-3 X5000 5.April FAQ

  • Postback Check

    Set your Postback URL (on MMOSERVER.PRO):

    Below is code example how to check votes on your side

        // check if callback is from topsite
        if(!in_array($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], array('')))
            die('You are not authorised to access this file.');
            if(isset($_POST['mod']) && $_POST['mod'] == 'reward')
                // remember to escape $_POST variables
                $user = isset($_POST['user']) ? $_POST['user'] : '';
                $site_id = isset($_POST['site_id']) ? (int)$_POST['site_id'] : '';
                 *    and here goes your reward script
                 *  connect db
                 *  reward user
                 // return response back to topsite
                 echo 'OK'; // response good vote was validated
                 echo 'VOTED'; // user have already voted


  • How often can I vote for my site or server?

    We reset votes every 12 hours so you and your players may vote twice every day. There will be no warning or notification in case you try to re-vote earlier and the vote won't count.

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