Yesterday 209 People voted IN, and 1462 people clicked on advertisements!
Yesterday 209 People voted IN, and 1462 people clicked on advertisements!

About ArchangelMU x3000 OCTOBER 2

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Version Season 9 
Location Canada
Join Date 01 Oct 2021
ArchangelMU x3000 OCTOBER 2

GRAND OPENING OCTOBER 2 / 18:00 SERVER TIME Custom Configurations | EXP: x3000 Dynamic | MasterEXP: x1000 | Drop: 40% | Max LVL: 400 | Max master LVL: 350 | Points per LVL: 5/7/7 | Mu Helper: 1LVL | Create MG, DL, RF, Sum = 1LVL | Increased Event, Boss, EVENTS & Golden time-frequency & Respawn A lot of perks + interesting gameplay

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01 Oct

Can't wait till its open!!!! I haven't had this much fun playing the same game over the last few years. I don't like any other server than this one! It's not overcrowded, yet plenty of active players. It's not too slow-paced yet not too easy. This season 9 with modified features, bugfixes and custom updates is perfect for the classic MuOnline gamer but on top of it, there are new things to discover not to make this experience too predictable. If you're like me who's bored of S6 but thinks that everything above S9 is not Mu anymore, then you've come across the right server

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