Yesterday 1470 People voted IN, and 323 people clicked on advertisements!
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Yesterday 1470 People voted IN, and 323 people clicked on advertisements!


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Mu Online Europe Season 14 Episode 1 NoReset server! Best quality gaming on new long-term server! Join and explore true muonline experience that you wont see on other mu servers!
Mu online for mobile phones
DragonMu S14Ep1, 3 Epic servers, X10, X50, X500, new server X5000 opening 14.September!
Globalmuonline OFFICIAL opening 6.SEPTEMBER, best S14 private server
True Play 2 Win experience,no items or op exp buffs for money, no vip, no bugs, Kubera Mines event, Boss Invasion Event, Long Term, Caring Support, Opens Sep 5, lets make MU fun and great Again


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Version 97 Season 1 
Type x5000 
Location Hungary
Join Date 17 Sep 2018

Website Auction: No Webshop: Yes Buy and Sell Marketplace: Yes Jewel Bank: Yes Zen Bank: Yes Leveling Experience: 1000x Maximum Level: 350 Stat Reward per Reset: 1500 Reset Stat: Yes Drop Rates Monster Drop Rate: 50% PK Item Drop Rate: 50% Item Upgrade Success Rate Jewel Of Bless: 80% Jewel Of Soul: 70% Jewel OF Life: 60% Chaos Machine Mix Success Rate Dinorant: 80% 1st Wings: 90% 2nd Wings: 75% +10 Item Upgrade: 65% +10 Jewel Of Chaos Requirement: 1x +10 Jewel Of Soul Requirement: 1x +11 Item Upgrade: 55% +11 Jewel Of Chaos Requirement: 2x +11 Jewel Of Soul Requirement: 2x

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