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GlobalMuOnline Season 16 X999999 Fun/Easy server opening 22.January
Easy X99999 style server with latest possible version: Season 16
GunMu Season 16 X50 NoReset 9April
RealMU Season 16 / New GunCrasher / 50x Non-Reset / 6000 ONLINE / Real NOP2W / No WebShop
ZenMu Season 16 X5000
Reviews For LEGION Mu Server HARD Season 3 Costum
AMF1TAMIN (25-02-2021, 09:34)

Game Experience: Over a Year

always an interesting build of the game, I think this time it will be even cooler. The gameplay is as addictive as possible to the game. There are no lags. I consider the main advantage to be protection from twin breeders!
The main thing is that there are enough spots
I'm looking forward to the opening, x10 is for true connoisseurs of muonline.
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