Titan Mu updates V6

New updates on server have been made, as well as rebuild PVP. To reduced one shot abilities in PVP some skills damages was reduced slightly. Mostly affected is RF.

Character balances are build for top sets, conqueror wings and max stats 32767! More chnages comming soon! If you want you can help build PVP. If some classes are to week or does to much damage send video to admin@titanmu.net (characetrs must be top gear with conq wings and max stats!!!) and i will check and fix it ASAP.

New event in Swamp God of Darkness Battle every 1-2 Hours, Drops Awakening items
Enabled 4th Quest
Update nr2 on PVP & PVE damages/defenses
Fixed MuHelper Consuming a lot of potions
Fixed Lord Ferea huge spots
Fixed character regen in Deep Dungeon maps
Fixed 4th Wings option formulas
Improved God of Darkness Battle monsters configuration
Removed 4th class damage reduction
Fixed issue with fruits consumption after 4th class quest
Fixed inability to equip Holy Angel Quiver with selection of weapons
Fixed Blood Angel pants cant wear on DL

Run PlayTitanmu.exe to get last update!
Manual patch: HERE

Posted 24 / 04 / 2018 By admin

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