Titan Mu Online Updates 6. February

New updates have been made, to enter game run: Play Titanmu.exe to get patch or downlaod manualy HERE

Added warps to Crywolf/Barracks/Refuge
Removed blood castle visit limit
Added time limit to BC quest return
Added NONPVP maps list
Fixed not saving favorite maps
Added drop of awakening item
Fixed Burst skill duration
Fixed Guide Quest does not give reward item
Fixed 4th class Event entrance
Fixed 4th class quest bug
Fixed selection of 4th Skill Tree skills not working properly
Fixed Market Game Server stuck issue
Fixed BK swell life
Updated RF attack damage
Updated cash shop with 4th wings combination materials and wings
Removed level requirements on items
Removed 4th requirements, can wear new items from 2nd class!

Run Play titanmu.exe to get last patch automatically!

Posted 21 / 03 / 2018 By admin

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