MuOnline update V7

Hello, today we have made a lot of changed and updates on TitanMu!

Wizardly damage on new weapons have been fixed, which means all classes that uses staffs got damage chnages on PVE and PVP.
Awakening sets have been fixed, damage that was given by them was bugged (it was giving 400% damage boosts) Which means there is a lot of attack power changes after this update!

Updated Game Client version, to connect to server you need to download new patch patch to play game (run Play TitanMu.exe or download manual update HERE)

Removed stun effect from Breche and Magic Pin skills
Fixed current exp rates display in client (bottom-left corner)
Fixed Obsidian skill values are not displayed properly
Fixed Labyrinth of Dimension monster level multiplier configuration not working properly
Fixed selection of minor glitches for Labyrinth of Dimension event
Fixed Elemental Option mix issues
Fixed Kundun does not drop items in certain scenario
Fixed not working "Increases Wizardry" option for selected mastery weapons
Fixed attack distance issue for Fire Blow Enhanced
Fixed damage going to high in certain combination of Awakening items
Fixed options values for selection of bound items
Improved Water Monster healing for Lord of Darkness battle
Extended Garuda Flame Drop to Swamp of Darkness map
Fixed character regen in Deep Dungeon maps
Fixed issue with 3rd class quest for some characters
Fixed 4th Wings option formulas
Removed limit for Dark Angel items unable to wear
Removed hight durability drop from dark raven, dark horse and fenrir!
Fixed inability to repair wings
Added resctriction on warp to party leader in Castle Siege
Removed use warp menu as from master level, now you need to get level to go to higher maps!

We are still working on PVP. remember that PVP is build on 32767 stats and best gear + Conqueror wings.
If you have evidence that some classes are too strong or too week send video with proves to

Posted 24 / 04 / 2018 By admin

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